“Destination: Still Unknown” (2017) | A Retrospective for Pramuan Burusphat

Destination : Still Unknown
นิทรรศการภาพถ่ายย้อนหลัง ๔๐ ปี
A Retrospective Exhibition
ประมวญ บุรุษพัฒน์
Pramuan Burusphat

จวง วูบิน + มานิต ศรีวานิชภูมิ
Zhuang Wubin + Manit Sriwanichpoom

ระหว่าง ๒๑ มกราคม – ๒๘ กุมภาพันธ์ ๒๕๖๐
From 21 January – 28 February 2017
เปิดนิทรรศการ : เสาร์ 21 มกราคม 2560
17.30 น. บรรยายพิเศษโดยศิลปินเจ้าของผลงาน
18.30 น. พิธีเปิดนิทรรศการ
Opening date : Saturday 21 January 2017,
5.30 pm – artist talk
6.30 pm – opening ceremony

ณ ห้องสตูดิโอ ชั้น ๔
At Studio 4 Floor
Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

Panel discussion
Pramuan Burusphat and Thai Contemporary Photography
11 February 2017, 2 pm
Discussants: Poomkamol Attajinda (Rangsit University), Pichak Thananchaibut (Ladkrabang), and Zhuang Wubin
Moderated by Manit Sriwanichpoom


Destination: Still Unknown is a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Pramuan Burusphat (b. 1953, Bangkok), eminent artist, educator and advocate of photography (as art).

Since the late 70s, Ajarn Pramuan has displayed a rare commitment towards photography as his medium-of-choice in his artistic practice. A pioneer of conceptual photography in Thailand, his work also incorporates collage and drawing.

Pramuan’s usage of photography is different from the salon photographers and the photojournalists. He enjoys experimenting with different photographic processes and printing technologies, creating imageries informed by his personal experiences. Pramuan sees photography as a way to connect and dialogue with the global community of artists and photographers. Since the 90s, Pramuan has also been thinking about the artist’s role in wastage and consumption (through the making of art), prompting him to shift his work in a new direction. In many ways, he is constantly ahead of the curve.

This retrospective aims to highlight some of the threads in his artistic practice. It is also an occasion to celebrate Pramuan’s impact on Thai contemporary art.

In Southeast Asia, photography’s place in the visual arts remains uncertain. For decades, Ajarn Pramuan found himself operating in an unsympathetic environment. Nevertheless, since the late 70s, he has participated in ten solo shows and over 70 group exhibitions across the world.

Graduating with a MFA in photography from the North Texas State University in 1979, Pramuan taught art history and printmaking at Srinakharinwirot University from 1980 to 1982. In 1982, he became a founding member of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University. From 1984 to 1988 and from 1991 to 1994, he headed the Department of Visual Arts at the faculty. In 1983, he pioneered the first BFA programme in photography in Thailand. Many of his students are now accomplished artists, photographers and educators. Since 1998, Pramuan has relocated to New Zealand.


The exhibition space is divided into three sections to organise Pramuan’s work since the 1970s. The sections are (1) Looking, Making, Learning: Experiments in Photography, (2) Between Autobiography and Fiction, and (3) Reusing/Recycling as Art Making.

Section (1) comprises of projects including: Conceptual Art: Folk-Thai-Time, 1986; Photo Reconstruction Series, 1978; Phase Series, 1978; Sequential & Multiple Images, 1977; Double Vision Series, 1978; Alternative Reality Project, 1978-79; Figure in Chrome Series, 1977; Figure Studies, 1980s.

Section (2) comprises of projects including: Autobiographical Images Series, 1978; Interior Project, 1979-80; Self Series, 1978-2005.

Section (3) comprises of projects including: Recycled Images Series, 1995-2012; Eroded Memories Project, 2014.


Read my curatorial essay for this retrospective at: https://www.academia.edu/32408017/_Destination_Still_Unknown_2017_

Exhibition invite
Exhibition invite
Exhibition poster
18 Jan 2017 / Setting up “Destination: Still Unknown; A Retrospective Exhibition of Pramuan Burusphat” at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre / Courtesy of Dhirajit Burusphat




21 Jan 2017 / Opening of “Destination: Still Unknown; A Retrospective Exhibition of Pramuan Burusphat” at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre


21 Jan 2017 / The opening of “Destination: Still Unknown; A Retrospective Exhibition of Pramuan Burusphat” at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre begins with a well-attended artist talk by Aj Pramuan.


“Destination: Still Unknown; A Book by Pramuan Burusphat” / Published by Kathmandu Photo Gallery (Bangkok), 2017 / Essays by Pramuan Burusphat, Zhuang Wubin, Manit Sriwanichpoom and Don R. Schol In English and Thai







Poster for the panel discussion “Pramuan Burusphat and Thai Contemporary Photography”
Panel discussion “Pramuan Burusphat and Thai Contemporary Photography” / 11 February 2017, 2 pm Bangkok Art & Culture Centre / Discussants: Poomkamol Attajinda (Rangsit University), Pichak Thananchaibut (Ladkrabang), and Zhuang Wubin; Moderated by Manit Sriwanichpoom


Installation view





Installation view / “Interior Project, 1979-80”


Installation view / From “Figure in Chrome Series, 1977”
Installation view / From “Self Series, 1978-2005”
Installation view / “Eroded Memories Project, 2014”
Installation view / From “Recycled Images Series, 1995-2012”
Installation view / Brochures, mail art, test prints and sketch books accumulated by Pramuan Burusphat over the years