Lecturing Work at Chiang Mai University (2015)

In 2015, I have been invited to teach at the photographic art division of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, as a special visiting lecturer. From January to April 2015, I co-taught a module with Aj Paaman on documentary photography for third-year degree students. The module is structured like an extended workshop, which begins with lectures. The students then pursue individual projects as a requirement of the module.

In the second half of 2015, my role has been to train selected staff members from the division. The main aim is address issues relating to the writing, editing and curating of photography.

I am grateful to Aj Kan and Aj Por for allowing me to experience teaching life in North Thailand.

2 Feb 2015 / Third-year students in my documentary photography class at Chiang Mai University watch a video presentation by Sebastiao Salgado.
9 Feb 2015 / Third-year students in the documentary class at CMU present their proposals for the projects that they wish to pursue. I realise that there is significant lattitude in terms of the approaches that students can use vis-a-vis their projects, including strategies of performance and digital manipulation, alongside the more embedded method of documenting.
23 March 2015 / Lecture on the development of photographic and lens-based work in Southeast Asia and East Asia
30 March 2015 / Chiang Mai UniversityReviewing students' work
30 March 2015 / Reviewing students’ work
30 March 2015 / Chiang Mai UniversityReviewing students' work
30 March 2015 / Reviewing students’ work
23 April 2015 / Giving feedback to students’ projects with Aj Man
8 Oct 2015 / In the second half of 2015, my involvement at Chiang Mai University consists of training staff members from the photographic art division. In the first session, I introduce the different kinds of writing (concerning photographic practices) and the different possibilities of publication. After discussing the demands and challenges of fieldwork, I introduce some of the theories that have influenced my thinking of the medium over the years. We also look at the historiographies of art and photography in Thailand, including their limitations, and how we may address them.
24 Oct 2015 / We finished the second and third sessions within a day. These two sessions concern the process of editing a body of work for different purposes, including editorial spread, website, physical exhibition, photo book and slideshow etc. I will like to thank Chiang Mai House of Photography (HOP) for hosting us for the day.