Chinese Muslims in Indonesia (Jakarta Book Launch)

The second launch of my photo book “Chinese Muslims in Indonesia” took place on 27 Jan 2011 at Antara Photojournalism Gallery in Jakarta. During the launch, I am honoured to have Myra Sidharta and Eddy Prabowo Witanto as my guest speakers. Ibu Myra opened the session with an overview of the histories of the Chinese Muslims in Indonesia. Pak Eddy extended her presentation by talking about the issue of identity amongst the Chinese Muslims.

This launch will not be possible without the kind assistance of the following: Oscar Motuloh and his team at Antara Photojournalism Gallery; Myra Sidharta for being such a good saleswoman and in securing sponsorship from Bakmi GM; Eddy Prabowo for his insightful presentation; Irma Chantily for organizing the event; and Rony Zakaria for taking these wonderful pictures.

Chinese Muslims in Indonesia (Jakarta Book Launch)

Irma Chantily (right) opens the launch with a few words.


Explaining the preamble of my work.


With the notes on her iPad, Myra Sidharta (right) gives us an overview of the Chinese Muslim histories in Indonesia.


Eddy Prabowo (middle) starts off his presentation with a humourous anecdote.


Writer Mely Tan (with mic) fires off a question at the end of the presentations.